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Weaves United – Empowering Our Roots

About us - Weaves United


Your beliefs are our benchmark to push the boundaries and make way for improbable. Weaves United has no beauty parameters, there are just true emotions through which we stimulate. Let us change the impression of extravagance from hotshot to being valued. Expenditure on the products not needed isn’t an approach to live yet a way to destroy our nature and resources. Fashion and Luxury must be inward not outward.
What our organisation, Weaves United need is to give handlooms a chance to come before the general population, contend with existing brands and let the purchasers choose for themselves. The esteem, the quality and reality justify itself with real evidence.

Our Mission

Weaves United is determined to work on the path of preserving as well as nurturing the weaving culture in its best form.

Empower the weavers by developing various platforms for training and other to cater the prerequisites in a long-term.

We want to walk equally with the artisans on a global stage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop an interest in handlooms in every consumer.

Before you purchase for any ocassion, you will consider handlooms not as a choice but rather as a need.

 It is time to give back to our heritage, Let’s wrap it around. 

We do not encourage people to join us in the name of heritage but we create products that are actually worth looking out for.

Our audience nowadays craves for uniqueness and that’s what we deliver.

Be it our North-East Muga silk art or the Bangladesh Kantha embroidery, it is been crafted by the specialists from the respective states. There is no stone unturned left to place weaves united in an elegant platform representing India and its rich art.

We use fabrics such as Silk, Jute, Bamboo, and Khadi and approach versatility by fusing them with other fabrics. This way, we have catered to men’s and women’s wear of age group 20-55 years.

Giving a professional approach to the unskilled workers and enhancing their standard of living comes under our initiatives. So, they continue working on it and our Indian Art does not lose its way in the thin air.


Weaves United designs
Weaves United Gallery

Fashion Designer Deepshikha

Name: Deepshikha Designation: Fashion Designer Institute: NIFT


“It is my immense pleasure to be connected with such a reputed brand working hard towards their goals.

My designs are never aimless and neither I want the organization should be.

A product of a company represents its internal actions and I am pleased to say we have it strong enough.”

Fashion Designer Shivangi

Name: Shivangi Designation: Fashion Designer Institute: FDDI


“Nothing less than perfection on which I can settle for sure.

I believe in working together and thereby taking the organization’s goals and my dreams to yield a flawless outcome.

My idea of commitment is working beyond the comfort zone by challenging my own capabilities.”

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