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18th September 2018
hand looms x factor

The X-Factor Of Handlooms

31st August 2018
the making of beautiful bandhani

The Beautiful Bandhani Fabric Of India

28th August 2018

The influence of Fashion Industry in India

23rd August 2018
vintage clothing india

A Modern Interpretation Of The Vintage Indian Look

21st August 2018
fast fashion fast life crisis

Fast Fashion Fast Life Crisis

17th August 2018
political fashion of leaders

Political fashion sense

16th August 2018

What Happens When you choose Discipline over Fashion?

8th August 2018
today what made your day- go soul search

What made your day today?

25th July 2018
vintage car and heels image

You Want To Empower Yourself – try Looms FASHION

23rd July 2018

Handlooms for a change

26th June 2018
featured image - fashion trends and you - soul blog

A step towards connecting your soul with your outer reflection…

25th June 2018

Everything you should know about the “Indian Handlooms”


Fashion Designer Deepshikha

Name: Deepshikha Designation: Fashion Designer Institute: NIFT


“It is my immense pleasure to be connected with such a reputed brand working hard towards their goals.

My designs are never aimless and neither I want the organization should be.

A product of a company represents its internal actions and I am pleased to say we have it strong enough.”

Fashion Designer Shivangi

Name: Shivangi Designation: Fashion Designer Institute: FDDI


“Nothing less than perfection on which I can settle for sure.

I believe in working together and thereby taking the organization’s goals and my dreams to yield a flawless outcome.

My idea of commitment is working beyond the comfort zone by challenging my own capabilities.”

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