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Our Team


Investing in the rough soul to make it diamond is the goal on which he acts.

Mr Sanjeev Mishra is a visionary determined to give Weaves United an exceptional position in the market.


Disguised as a perfectionist but deep within he is a rightist.

Mr Niraj Kumar put his deliverables into analysis and finding those perfect resolutions in which he excels.


Out of all his most favourite is playing with numbers giving no space for a tiniest leak that can sink the whole ship.

Mr Ravi is our strong pillar for all investment-related matters.


Experience is one of the sources of knowledge which elevates one soul.

Mr Deepak Kumar Jha inculcates learning, wisdom, and perseverance with an act of thoughtfulness in his profile.



Mr Niraj Kumar and Mr Sanjeev Mishra lead this platform with their innovative thoughts and challenging goals which ultimately inspires them to achieve milestones and then set the target again for the next one.

They are the believers and this motivates their whole team to follow the tunes without missing a beat.



We proudly call our designing team the magicians and their magic spell lasts long. With this strong foundation, we prove our worth and determined to stay within the hearts of our people.
With different design ranges and attires, our team is all set with their creative minds to pour it all in the projects. Every individual in this team has gone through a remarkable journey of life and this makes our team a limited edition.


We don’t leave anywhere without our marketing and that’s how every business depend on it. We get surprises from them when they integrate or infuse different ideas into one and come up with a terrific plan. Hats off to them and their specially designed minds.

This is how we bring out the best in each other and keep moving ahead.

Fashion Designer Deepshikha

Name: Deepshikha Designation: Fashion Designer Institute: NIFT


“It is my immense pleasure to be connected with such a reputed brand working hard towards their goals.

My designs are never aimless and neither I want the organization should be.

A product of a company represents its internal actions and I am pleased to say we have it strong enough.”

Fashion Designer Shivangi

Name: Shivangi Designation: Fashion Designer Institute: FDDI


“Nothing less than perfection on which I can settle for sure.

I believe in working together and thereby taking the organization’s goals and my dreams to yield a flawless outcome.

My idea of commitment is working beyond the comfort zone by challenging my own capabilities.”

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